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Double your savings with car excess insurance

One of the inescapable costs of motoring, of course, is the need for insurance – a basic legal minimum is required before you may drive on the public highway. When you are arranging that cover, however, you may want to give some thought to the savings you might achieve:

  • as inevitable as the cost of the premiums you are going to be required to pay is the typical inclusion of a policy excess;
  • whether you have selected a basic third party, third party, fire and theft, or comprehensive policy, it is likely to include a – potentially hefty – excess;
  • this is the amount that you are left having to cover from your own pocket in the event of any claim;
  • because the cost of insuring your motor car is already likely to be more than you may comfortably afford, you might also seek to reduce the cost of the premiums by taking on an additional voluntary excess – thus increasing the amount you need to pay in the event of any claim;
  • if the worst happens and you are involved in an accident – even a relatively minor scrape – therefore, you might end up by having to foot a considerable part of any repair bill;
  • separate car excess insurance offers a way of freeing yourself from any such expense and, thus, saving on the cost of making a claim;
  • a simple and readily arranged supplementary policy may ensure that any excess applied to your underlying motor policy is immediately recoverable once any claim is accepted by your insurer;
  • this means that there is an immediate potential saving, since you are free of the cost of meeting any excess that may be applied;
  • but there is an additional route to making the most of excess cover that might result in your doubling your savings on insurance at a single stroke;
  • when arranging your motor insurance, you are likely to be offered the option of increasing the amount of your excess in return for a reduction in premiums – if you are shouldering more of the risk, after all, you might expect to pay less for the cover that is offered;
  • in the normal course of events, this might mean that you have to weigh up the attraction of reduced premiums against the downside of contributing more by way of the excess in the event of a claim;
  • with the excess insured (up to set limits), however, you may enjoy the freedom to negotiate with your principal insurer the maximum excess – and the maximum reduction in premiums.

By insuring the excess itself, therefore, in some cases you may be able to achieve savings twice over – not just the recovery of anything you might otherwise have paid as an excess but the decided benefit of reduced premiums too.

Education recruitment agencies

It’s reassuring to know there are professional online recruitment agencies that specialise in the education sector working mainly within the county of Kent.  Established agencies have a proven track record within the education recruitment arena and are proud to have achieved 100% compliance in their DFE quality mark audit over the last three years which represents the dedication and professionalism of everyone working in a revered education recruitment practice.  Recruitment consultants strive to build an effective and enjoyable working relationship with both schools and teachers to ensure they become their first choice agency by providing a high level of service at all times

Recruitment for teachers

There are plenty of teaching jobs in Kent from Classic Education, ideal for teachers who are seeking employment with:-

  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • long-term positions
  • short-term teaching posts
  • supply vacancies

To get started complete an online information form with all the relevant details about your teaching experience, qualifications, preferred teaching subject and school in the area of Kent, once completed you will be assigned an education recruitment manager to help you find suitable employment.  In addition to this, advisers can also help to arrange accommodation as near as possible to your place of work, how about that for service?

Teachers for schools

For schools who require Kent teaching jobs to be filled look no further than a specialist online recruitment company that will meet your demands in your search for suitable teaching staff.  All teachers provided are highly qualified and fully vetted to ensure they meet your job specifications as well as fitting in with your current teaching team.  Check out what recommended education recruitment agencies can do for your school:-

  1. match, search and select teachers for every assignment
  2. provide professional consultants dedicated to your school
  3. pay an introductory visit to your school to identify your recruitment needs
  4. provide a fast, reliable response for both emergency and advanced bookings
  5. offer a consistent high level of service
  6. offer an easy and efficient invoice processing service
  7. provide regular service visits including feedback along with a continuity of teachers

Whatever your requirements Kent teaching jobs advisers have the necessary experience to help schools find the right teachers and teachers find the right schools whether for daily supply vacancies, long-term posts or permanent positions.  Rest assured experienced education recruitment personnel value their clients and never take them for granted by offering agreeable business relationships including a variety of educational services.