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A Guide to Commercial Buildings Insurance

If you own commercial property then it’s essential to protect it with a good insurance policy. Whether you’re a business owner who also owns the business premises or a landlord who rents out, you need to think about where the risks come from and get an insurance policy that will cover you for them. Commercial buildings insurance will cover your building for structural damage that can occur from fire, flooding and vandalism. This is essential as structural damage can be incredibly expensive to repair. However there are other risks that come with owning commercial property so it’s important to be aware of other types of cover that are available.

Types of Commercial Buildings Insurance


With any commercial buildings insurance policy your building(s) will be protected. Most policy holders will choose to get more than just buildings insurance though. Below are some of the other types of cover that you can get with a policy –

  • Contents Cover – When you own commercial property there’s always a good chance that the contents of the building can be damaged or stolen. Contents cover will provide protection for this. You should know the exact details of the cover provided as sometimes you’ll be covered for accidental damage but not malicious. 
  • Liability Cover – In the event that you had a liability claim made against you as a result of your building being unsafe, liability cover you protect you. Liability claims can be potentially devastating if they go against you so it’s essential to have cover.
  • Legal Fees – Legal expenses associated with liability claims can be very costly so it’s also a good idea to have them included in your policy. Legal fees are sometimes included as part of liability insurance though this isn’t always the case so you should find out for sure.

Saving Money


When you take out a policy you’ll want to get the best deal you can on your insurance. There are a few ways to do this such as –

  • Paying Annually – Most insurance providers will prefer that you pay for your policy upfront on an annual basis rather than monthly. Because of this many of them will offer you a significant discount when you opt to pay in this way. 
  • Secure Your Building(s) – Insurance providers will take many factors into account when calculating the cost of your policy. These include things like the location of your property, its value and how secure it is. Making your buildings secure will show the insurance provider that it’s at less risk of theft and vandalism which means they’ll be able to offer you a lower price on your policy.
  • Shop Around – This is probably the most reliable way to save money on your insurance. With so many insurance comparison sites out there now it’s incredibly easy to get multiple quotes which you can compare against each other.

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