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A Guide to Taxi Fleet Management

If you run a taxi firm then making use of the available technology is vital.

Running a fleet of taxis comes with a lot of responsibility so you want to be able to properly monitor your fleet to help improve security and maximise efficiency.

Why taxi fleet management technology is vital

Some of the main things that taxi fleet management technology can help you with are –

  • Vehicle tracking – Vehicle tracking is always essential when you have a fleet. Any good taxi fleet management software will come with GPS tracking as standard.
  • Driver monitoring – You’re also able to monitor driver performance via the use of fleet management technology. It allows you to monitor things like speed and hard breaking – this is especially important if you own the vehicles in the fleet.
  • Payment systems – Payment systems are another area where taxi fleet management helps. Many customers now expect to pay via app or contactless card so having this option is extremely useful.
  • Dispatching – An efficient dispatching system is essential for taxi firms. A lot of taxi fleet management software helps with this by providing features such as caller ID and address auto-fill.

Choosing the right software

In order to choose the right fleet management software for your business, you need to be clear on what it is you want.

Below are some of the main things to think about –

  • How large is your operation? – This is very important since a lot of software is designed for small to medium businesses. If you have a very large operation that spans multiple cities than you might need a more bespoke solution.
  • Do you want a cloud-based solution? – Cloud-based software has become the norm over the last few years since it allows for things like easy updates and constant backups. However if you want an on-premise solution then there are still options available.
  • What features are most important? – The features that come with a taxi fleet management solution are of course essential. Not all taxi firms will have the same needs so it’s important to think about what sort of service you want to offer your customers and choose an appropriate solution.

Getting the right cover

You can find Taxi Fleet Insurance comparison at – a site that enables you to get quotes from specialist providers in a matter of minutes.

When taking out a taxi fleet policy you want to be sure you get the right cover included. You can choose what level of road risks cover you want as well as having options like breakdown assistance and liability claims included.