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Education recruitment agencies

It’s reassuring to know there are professional online recruitment agencies that specialise in the education sector working mainly within the county of Kent.  Established agencies have a proven track record within the education recruitment arena and are proud to have achieved 100% compliance in their DFE quality mark audit over the last three years which represents the dedication and professionalism of everyone working in a revered education recruitment practice.  Recruitment consultants strive to build an effective and enjoyable working relationship with both schools and teachers to ensure they become their first choice agency by providing a high level of service at all times

Recruitment for teachers

There are plenty of teaching jobs in Kent from Classic Education, ideal for teachers who are seeking employment with:-

  • primary schools
  • secondary schools
  • long-term positions
  • short-term teaching posts
  • supply vacancies

To get started complete an online information form with all the relevant details about your teaching experience, qualifications, preferred teaching subject and school in the area of Kent, once completed you will be assigned an education recruitment manager to help you find suitable employment.  In addition to this, advisers can also help to arrange accommodation as near as possible to your place of work, how about that for service?

Teachers for schools

For schools who require Kent teaching jobs to be filled look no further than a specialist online recruitment company that will meet your demands in your search for suitable teaching staff.  All teachers provided are highly qualified and fully vetted to ensure they meet your job specifications as well as fitting in with your current teaching team.  Check out what recommended education recruitment agencies can do for your school:-

  1. match, search and select teachers for every assignment
  2. provide professional consultants dedicated to your school
  3. pay an introductory visit to your school to identify your recruitment needs
  4. provide a fast, reliable response for both emergency and advanced bookings
  5. offer a consistent high level of service
  6. offer an easy and efficient invoice processing service
  7. provide regular service visits including feedback along with a continuity of teachers

Whatever your requirements Kent teaching jobs advisers have the necessary experience to help schools find the right teachers and teachers find the right schools whether for daily supply vacancies, long-term posts or permanent positions.  Rest assured experienced education recruitment personnel value their clients and never take them for granted by offering agreeable business relationships including a variety of educational services.

Make contact with a reliable recruitment agency

Contacting a recruitment agency if you’re looking for teaching vacancies in Kent is a great idea, staff will ensure you receive a list of posts that are suitable for your specific requirements. Registering online is quite straightforward too, just leave your:-

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Details of your enquiry
  • Preferred contact method and contact time

Alternatively you can telephone the Classic Education agency with your request or send a fax after which you will be contacted to arrange an interview.

Recruitment agencies especially for schools

Schools can also contact recruitment agencies to find qualified staff if they have a shortage of teachers. Classic Education offers an excellent service to schools and teachers making sure staff are well suited to whichever school they are allocated to. Head teachers just need to enter details on an online form of any job vacancies they have or are coming up after which contact will be made with suitable applicants. Should details need to be amended just log in and make the necessary alterations. There’s a useful school directory on the Classic Education website where you can register with the school of your choice and as soon as a suitable vacancy arises you will be contacted.

Interesting articles to read

Take time out to read the many interesting articles located on the Classic Education website regarding teaching vacancies in Kent, they are extremely informative and can help if you are looking for a supply teacher’s position whether in a primary or secondary school. Articles also describe teaching jobs in Kent in detail and how to fill a vacancy if you are running a school. There’s also plenty of information about the education recruitment agency itself which makes very interesting reading indeed, so take a look soon.

Privacy guaranteed

You can be guaranteed of complete privacy when submitting your personal details to Classic Education recruitment agency, the only details they require are your name, job title and contact information. They may send out e-mails regarding special offers, new products or other items of interest but won’t give your details to a third party which is reassuring for many clients. There are usually many teaching vacancies in Kent so you can be assured you won’t be without a job for too long, make contact soon to enjoy a teaching career that brings complete job satisfaction.


Buy insurance to protect your property from flooding

2012 has experienced increasing high levels of rainfall causing rivers to burst their banks, reservoirs to overflow and coastal areas to become dangerous places to live in through the threat of flooding.  UK weather experts have predicted this trend to continue, therefore buying flood insurance from is essential to protect your business and property against the cost of flooding and the havoc it can bring.  Although the UK Government is working closely with many of the UK’s leading insurance companies not everyone will be accepted when it comes to purchasing cover.

A summer wash out

You only have to switch on the TV and watch the news bulletins or listen to your radio to see and hear the heartache many holidaymakers have experienced due to flash flooding.  Caravans have been washed away, campsites have been flooded and lodges have been damaged beyond repair.  Weather forecasters had predicted even more heavy rainfall this summer making it another wash out in the UK causing thousands of pounds worth of damage to businesses and properties across the country.  Don’t take the risk of not having flood insurance when for a small sum per month you can have the protection and peace of mind should the worse happen.

Flood hotspots

If you are unsure whether you live in a flood risk area or not check out the UK’s Environmental Agency online which provides a detailed map of the flood hotspots around the country.  Reputable online brokers can provide all the cover you need concerning flood insurance, why not give them a call today by telephone or get in touch online to set the wheels in motion.  Complete an application form online to receive:-

  • a competitive quote
  • cost-effective cover
  • immediate protection
  • various payment options
  • a courteous and professional service

Don’t be without cover

If you do live in what’s considered to be a flood hotspot then you may struggle to sell your property without flood insurance cover.  This could incur a substantial loss on the value of your home as well as putting off potential buyers, let reputable online brokers discuss your options with you and deliver bespoke flood insurance packages that can help protect your property financially if flooding strikes.  As you would expect from online reliable brokers they offer clients substantial discounts too for instance:-

  1. introductory discounts
  2. renewal discounts
  3. no claims bonuses
  4. multiple insurance purchase discounts

Find help to Sell Property Quickly

It’s reassuring to know that there are professional property buying companies online who have helped thousands of home owners across the UK sell property quickly. They understand that some home owners may need to sell their property in a hurry so have built up a reputation in delivering a swift and efficient service by paying close attention to their clients’ requirements. They can generate sufficient and reasonable cash amounts for various types of properties for instance:-

  • Private homes
  • Flats
  • Apartments
  • Studios
  • Ex council premises

It doesn’t matter what condition your property is in, where it is located or the size, established property buying firms have investors just waiting to buy it at a reasonable price.

No middle men

Rest assured dedicated specialists have plenty of knowledge regarding the legal side of how to sell property quickly to avoid the drama of a long drawn-out sale which won’t be beneficial to you or the buyer. The sale of your house will be discussed with you in detail so you fully understand the process before making a commitment. You’ll be offered a free no-obligation service so at any time if you feel the solution is not for you, you have the right to change your mind. Property owners can expect:-

  • no middle men to pay
  • no estate agent commission to pay
  • heavily subsidised solicitor’s fees which in most cases is covered
  • the sale of your property completed within 28 days

Quick house sale

Over the last few years due to falling house prices and economic crises, many people have found it hard to keep up with their mortgage payments and other debts. If a property owner struggles to sell their property through an estate agent which could take many months, they could find themselves with further debt problems such as personal loans, credit cards and utility bills. Thankfully there’s an alternative option which is to contact experts today to see if they can convert your home into cash. This type of service is provided by established companies online and is becoming very popular throughout the UK because there are no hidden expenses or unforeseen overheads to pay. There is the minimum of fuss when selling your property quickly so you’ll receive the cash and freedom to pay off your debts, mortgage and other arrears in order to get your life back on track.

Guaranteed cash offer

If you want to sell property quickly you’ll be kept informed throughout the entire sales process and any offer which is submitted for your house even after just one viewing, will be guaranteed. Property buying specialists are upfront and honest about their buying conditions at all times and ensure that the sale of your home is completed on a date agreeable to you. In addition to this if you ask for a preliminary offer they will match you with a buyer in your area as quickly as possible.

Check out Property Buyers Network 4U who represent a UK network of confident property professionals who can help sell your home with the minimum of fuss.


Advice about Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is not legally required in the UK however it’s highly recommended. If you’re a landlord you’ve probably invested thousands of pounds and taken a considerable amount of risk with your cash to try and ensure a healthy return. Some landlords let their properties to:-

  • DSS tenants
  • Working tenants
  • Self-employed tenants
  • Housing Association tenants
  • Students

They also choose to rent out their properties fully-furnished, partly-furnished or not furnished at all. Your property or properties for rent should be safeguarded, after all it may only take one unexpected incident to occur for your investment to suffer financial damage, if this happens and you have inadequate landlord insurance then you could lose a considerable amount of money.

Protect yourself against claims

Many solicitors now provide a no-win no-fee service to their clients which has lead to an increase in the amount of people who make claims for a wide variety of reasons. Why not consider purchasing property liability insurance from an established online broker? This will protect you against claims from your tenants who may consider you liable for any injuries they may receive when living in your property.

Landlord building insurance is also very important especially if you own the let property itself and rely on the money it generates. There are plenty of low cost policies on offer for landlords to consider, they can vary depending on your requirements as well as your property portfolio. As a rule of thumb landlord building insurance will provide protection for:-

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Subsidence

Contents insurance for landlords

Landlord contents insurance can also be purchased at a competitive price online from reputable brokers. If you buy contents insurance, building insurance and house insurance professional brokers may offer you a discount for your custom, speak to them directly for more information regarding this and other ways to save money on insurance products.

Contents insurance for landlords obviously depends on the value of the contents they wish to insure. It’s recommended as standard that such items as carpets, curtains, furniture and white goods should be insured against the following risks, fire, theft or flooding.

How much does insurance cost?

The cost of landlord insurance depends on many factors for example:-

  • Property location
  • Rebuild value
  • Type of tenant
  • Low risk
  • Low crime area




Exciting Driving Experience Days

Driving experience days are educational, exciting and challenging at the same time especially when organised by a reputable events specialists that cater for some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies. There are numerous driving courses to choose from, check out the following and let your imagination flow:-

  • Learn how to deal with skids
  • Drive 4×4 vehicles on rough terrain
  • Experience and drive a super car
  • Explore the handling limits of your own vehicle
  • Develop and sharpen emergency reaction time
  • Learn how to park accurately
  • Get a taste of what it’s like to be an advanced driver

Who Can Enjoy The Fun?

Professional events organisers are very flexible in creating your day as well as staying within your budget. Driving experience days are usually all-inclusive and can be organised for:-

  • individuals
  • family groups
  • social groups
  • teams
  • work colleagues

In addition to this, participants can benefit from gifts, rewards, incentives and team building events along with being able to attend conferences and meetings. It really is a great day out in a first class venue which is easily accessible by road and train. If you’re looking for accommodation there are some good hotels and B & Bs nearby so you’re not too far away from the fun. driving experience daysOn the site where the driving experience days take place there’s a wide range of facilities such as restaurants, cafes and shops, there’s even a museum which houses the largest collection of Formula 1 cars and Grand Prix memorabilia in the world.

Driving Facilities

If you’ve never experienced a different type of driving then you don’t know what you’re missing, specialised driving and vehicle launch facilities are unique and have a variety of off-track driving areas which are available for hire and use. There are test hills for demonstrations of vehicle torque capabilities including portable spray bars which can wet any area to simulate rainy driving conditions. The site itself has miles of bumpy off-road and gravel tracks including a fabulous woodland 4×4 course.

Customer Reviews

Check out some of the customer reviews online, many express how well everything is organised and how professional the instructors are. A lot of people comment on what a great experience they’ve had driving a car under pressure while braking and steering to practice getting out of skids, something they wouldn’t normally do.

The importance of having Caravan Insurance Cover

Owning a caravan gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and take to the road whenever you have some free time. It is extremely important to have static caravan insurance to protect you and the van at all times, whether you are towing it or when it’s parked on site, owners usually pack the caravan with lots of personal and electrical items so it would be unbearable to think they could lose everything if their caravan was broken into or caught fire.

What does Caravan Insurance cost?

caravan insuranceCaravan insurance is very affordable and well worth every penny, it covers all eventualities depending on the type you buy. However it’s best to shop around to compare caravan insurance quotes, professional brokers can help you find the cheapest caravan policies with insurance cover coming into effect immediately. If you require written confirmation regarding a quote or further information concerning caravan insurance policies, all you have to do is press a button online and brokers can take care of the rest.

Touring Caravans

Caravans represent major financial investment for many owners so they need protecting against loss, accident, fire and theft as well as third party liability which will cover them against claims made by others. For peace of mind why don’t you purchase fully comprehensive caravan insurance from a reliable online broker, this type of policy is designed to give first class cover for your touring caravan. The contents of the policy can include:-

• All year round cover for touring and storage
• Standard European cover
• Public Liability cover
• Personal accident benefit
• Loss of use cover – for alternative accommodation or the hiring of a similar caravan
• New for old on caravans up to ten years

Static Caravans

Static caravan insurance can also be provided at competitive prices, the costs are kept low by well-known brokers so owners can reap the benefits. This type of insurance is easy to arrange, call a hotline for a quotation or proceed with buying insurance online. To request a free no-obligation static caravan insurance quote follow three simple steps:-

• Check to see if cover can be provided where your caravan is sited
• Take a look to see if you qualify for caravan insurance policies
• Complete the necessary details about you and your caravan

If you qualify you’ll get a quote back instantly, usually in less than two minutes.