Where to Find Campervan Insurance

Campervans provide an ideal solution for those who want to experience the great outdoors but also have some of the comforts of home. The UK is a great place to own a campervan with so many ideal camping locations. It isn’t just camping that people use campervans for though, there are many people who like to use a campervan instead of a tent when attending large outdoor music festivals. Whatever the use of a campervan it’s essential to have it properly protected with insurance

Types of Campervan Insurance 

There are few different types of campervan insurance you can get. Below are some of the main types of policies you can find as well as additional types of cover

  • Agreed Valuation Cover – This type of policy is very useful as it gives you an assurance that you will be compensated for the full replacement costs of your caravan rather than its depreciated value. You and the insurance provider will come to an agreement on the valuation of your campervan, which means that if it needs replacing, this is the figure you’ll receive. 
  • European Cover – Many people like to travel outside the country in their campervan. Some policies will cover you for European travel for a certain period of time but if you plan to spend a good deal of time outside the country then it’s a good idea to get European cover included in your policy.
  • Breakdown Assistance – Breakdown assistance isn’t usually a standard with most policies but it’s a very useful option to have included in your policy. When using a campervan you’ll often be travelling far from home and it can be a huge headache to breakdown unexpectly. If you have breakdown assistance you’ll at least be able to get off the road and not worry about extra expense.
  • Contents Cover – Whether you need contents cover included with your policy will depend largely on how you choose to use your campervan. If you use it purely for camping then you will not have the same level of risk as those who use it for attending large music festivals.

Saving Money on Your Policy

There are a few ways to save money on your campervan insurance. One is to have it as secure as possible. Wherever possible you should have it parked in a locked garage. You should also get it fitted with an alarm and immobilizer.

Another way you can save money on your insurance is to join a campervan owner’s club. A lot of insurance providers offer discounts for to club members so it’s definitely worth joining one.

Getting Quotes Online

Getting quotes for your campervan insurance is very easy now thanks to the internet. There are many insurance comparison sites out there that allow you to get multiple quotes from one place. One such sites as this is Campervaninsurance.org . Getting quotes in this ways saves you both time and money

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