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Insuring your Vintage Car – What you need to know

Getting insurance for a classic car is a bit different from regular car insurance. Most regular insurance providers will not offer competitive rates for classic car insurance, which is why it’s better to get insurance from a specialist provider. Specialist classic car insurance providers will be able to offer a policy that covers all the particular risks that come with owning a classic car at an affordable rate.

Do I Need Classic Car Insurance?

If you only use your classic car on rare occasions then you could be forgiven for thinking that insurance is an unnecessary expense. You must realize however, that the risks that come with owning a classic car are not only those that come from driving the vehicle.

Because of their prestige and high value, classic cars are often targeted by thieves and vandals. Even if you have your car securely locked in a garage when not in use, it’s still at risk so it’s always a good idea to get it protected.

The Benefits of Getting Classic Car Insurance Online

There are some key benefits to getting your classic car insured online. These include –

  • Get a highly tailored policy
  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Get quotes easily
  • No hard sell
  • All cover options available
  • Owner’s club discounts
  • Easy claims process

Cover Options

  • Comprehensive – Comprehensive insurance will cover your classic car if it’s involved in a collision of any kind. This type of cover is most recommended for classic car owners.
  • Third Party Only – The cheapest insurance option available is third party only. As the name suggests, you’ll only be covered for collisions where another driver is liable.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft – This type of cover will provide better protection, with fire and theft now both covered in the policy.
  • Agreed Valuation Policy – Because classic cars do not have a set market value, it’s important that you and your insurance provider both agree on its value. This way there are no disputes when a claim is made.
  • Cover for Shows & Exhibitions – A lot of classic car owners like to show off their vehicle at shows and exhibitions. It’s always reassuring to know that your car will be covered at these events.
  • European Cover – When travelling overseas with your classic car, you’ll need additional cover to protect your vehicle.

Ways to Save Money

  • Join an Owner’s Club – Members of classic car owner’s clubs are often given discounts by insurance providers so if you’re not already a member of one, it’s definitely worth joining.
  • Consider a Limited Mileage Policy – Limited mileage policies are an excellent way to cut down the cost of classic car insurance. Many classic car owners do not use their vehicle for every day purposes. If this sounds like you then a limited mileage policy would be the best fit.
  • Pay for the Policy Upfront – If you can pay for the full 12 months of a policy when taking it out, then you’ll almost certainly be offered a significant discount from any insurance providers you contact.
  • Get a Lot of Quotes – With the ease of getting quotes nowadays, there’s no good excuse not to do this.

Finding Quotes Online

Whilst you’ll have no trouble finding classic car insurance providers online (have a look at, you want to make sure that you get quotes in the easiest way possible. By far the best way to get classic car insurance quotes is by using an insurance comparison site. An insurance comparison site will enable you to get quotes from many different classic car insurance providers in the quickest and easiest way possible.

The great thing about getting insurance quotes online is that there’s no hard sell. You simply compare the quotes you receive and pick the one that’s best.

Taxi Fleet Insurance Explained

The old business adage – time is money, is one of the most applicable when it comes to running a taxi firm. For a taxi firm to be successful it’s essential for things to run efficiently. This means having reliable drivers, well maintained vehicles and a well-run call centre. One thing that every taxi firm must take care of is insurance for their vehicles. To insure them separately would at best be a huge headache. Most taxi firms will have multiple types of vehicles in their inventory so to get separate policies for them all would simply not be financially viable. This is many taxi firms will ensure their vehicles under one policy – known as a fleet policy. Below is an explanation of the true benefits of fleet insurance, how you can reduce costs and where to find quotes.



  • Saves Time –   When running a taxi firm it’s inevitable that you’re going to sometimes have problems with your vehicles, whether they break down or involved in a collision. This means you’re going to have to deal with the insurance provider on a fairly regular basis. This is where a fleet policy can really save you a lot of time and hassle. When you have all your vehicles insured under the same policy you don’t have to look for a vehicle’s individual policy, you have everything in one place. This is going to save you a lot of time and stress in the long run which means you can spend more time on the running of your business.
  • Saves Money –   In almost every circumstance, a fleet policy will work out considerably cheaper than getting separate policies. Since the insurance provider is getting more money from you they will give you a discount on what you pay overall. There are enough expenses already when running a taxi firm so you want to save money wherever possible and a fleet insurance policy certainly does this.


Reducing Costs

When calculating a cost for your fleet insurance, insurance providers will take certain things into consideration. Firstly is the number of vehicles in the fleet, their condition and their value. Most taxi firms use relatively cheap, reliable cars since they cost less to insure and can be replaced fairly easily. The insurance provider will look at the age and mileage of the vehicles in your fleet and calculate cost accordingly. To keep costs down you should have relatively inexpensive, reliable and well-maintained vehicles in your inventory.

The next thing the insurance provider will look at are your drivers. All your drivers should have a clean driving history, have no serious medical problems and be over the age of 25. If you stick to these rules then you’ll be able to keep your costs down to a minimum.


Getting Quotes

Getting quotes for taxi fleet insurance is now very easy thanks to the internet. You can either obtain quotes directly from insurance providers websites or you can use an insurance comparison site that will provide you with quotes from multiple insurance providers – this is the most efficient way of getting quotes.