Exciting Driving Experience Days

Driving experience days are educational, exciting and challenging at the same time especially when organised by a reputable events specialists that cater for some of the world’s largest blue-chip companies. There are numerous driving courses to choose from, check out the following and let your imagination flow:-

  • Learn how to deal with skids
  • Drive 4×4 vehicles on rough terrain
  • Experience and drive a super car
  • Explore the handling limits of your own vehicle
  • Develop and sharpen emergency reaction time
  • Learn how to park accurately
  • Get a taste of what it’s like to be an advanced driver

Who Can Enjoy The Fun?

Professional events organisers are very flexible in creating your day as well as staying within your budget. Driving experience days are usually all-inclusive and can be organised for:-

  • individuals
  • family groups
  • social groups
  • teams
  • work colleagues

In addition to this, participants can benefit from gifts, rewards, incentives and team building events along with being able to attend conferences and meetings. It really is a great day out in a first class venue which is easily accessible by road and train. If you’re looking for accommodation there are some good hotels and B & Bs nearby so you’re not too far away from the fun. driving experience daysOn the site where the driving experience days take place there’s a wide range of facilities such as restaurants, cafes and shops, there’s even a museum which houses the largest collection of Formula 1 cars and Grand Prix memorabilia in the world.

Driving Facilities

If you’ve never experienced a different type of driving then you don’t know what you’re missing, specialised driving and vehicle launch facilities are unique and have a variety of off-track driving areas which are available for hire and use. There are test hills for demonstrations of vehicle torque capabilities including portable spray bars which can wet any area to simulate rainy driving conditions. The site itself has miles of bumpy off-road and gravel tracks including a fabulous woodland 4×4 course.

Customer Reviews

Check out some of the customer reviews online, many express how well everything is organised and how professional the instructors are. A lot of people comment on what a great experience they’ve had driving a car under pressure while braking and steering to practice getting out of skids, something they wouldn’t normally do.

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