Advice about Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is not legally required in the UK however it’s highly recommended. If you’re a landlord you’ve probably invested thousands of pounds and taken a considerable amount of risk with your cash to try and ensure a healthy return. Some landlords let their properties to:-

  • DSS tenants
  • Working tenants
  • Self-employed tenants
  • Housing Association tenants
  • Students

They also choose to rent out their properties fully-furnished, partly-furnished or not furnished at all. Your property or properties for rent should be safeguarded, after all it may only take one unexpected incident to occur for your investment to suffer financial damage, if this happens and you have inadequate landlord insurance then you could lose a considerable amount of money.

Protect yourself against claims

Many solicitors now provide a no-win no-fee service to their clients which has lead to an increase in the amount of people who make claims for a wide variety of reasons. Why not consider purchasing property liability insurance from an established online broker? This will protect you against claims from your tenants who may consider you liable for any injuries they may receive when living in your property.

Landlord building insurance is also very important especially if you own the let property itself and rely on the money it generates. There are plenty of low cost policies on offer for landlords to consider, they can vary depending on your requirements as well as your property portfolio. As a rule of thumb landlord building insurance will provide protection for:-

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Storms
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Subsidence

Contents insurance for landlords

Landlord contents insurance can also be purchased at a competitive price online from reputable brokers. If you buy contents insurance, building insurance and house insurance professional brokers may offer you a discount for your custom, speak to them directly for more information regarding this and other ways to save money on insurance products.

Contents insurance for landlords obviously depends on the value of the contents they wish to insure. It’s recommended as standard that such items as carpets, curtains, furniture and white goods should be insured against the following risks, fire, theft or flooding.

How much does insurance cost?

The cost of landlord insurance depends on many factors for example:-

  • Property location
  • Rebuild value
  • Type of tenant
  • Low risk
  • Low crime area




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