A Guide to Empty House Insurance

If you’re a home owner then it’s likely that at some point or other you’ll need to get empty house insurance. Often people will mistakingly believe that their home insurance will cover them regardless of whether the property is occupied or not. Whilst most home insurance policies will cover your home whilst it’s unoccupied for a certain period (usually 30 days), after this it’s necessary to get additional cover.

Who Needs Empty House Insurance?


There are two main groups of people who get empty house insurance – home owners and landlords. Both home owners and landlords will usually get the same type of cover although landlords will often insure more than one property with empty house insurance.

The risks associated with property drastically increase when it’s unoccupied. Empty houses can be a very big target for thieves, vandals and squatters. The only real way to protect against this threat is to get empty house insurance. The longer you’re away from your house, the higher the risk to it. Even houses in good areas are at risk so it’s always necessary to get proper protection.

Often people who leave their home for a long period of time will get a housesitter. Whilst this is a good way to protect your home it’s not always practical or affordable.

How You Can Save Money


  • Use an Insurance Broker – Insurance brokers can not only help you to save money on a policy but they can also give you advice on any insurance related matters. For empty house insurance, insurance brokers will usually be hired by landlords who have several properties to insure and want to get the best deal possible. 
  • Secure Your House – One of the best ways to save money on your empty house insurance is to make your home as secure as possible. By having secure locks on your windows and doors and a good alarm system you drastically reduce the chances of your house being broken into.
  • Shop Around – Another tried and tested way to save money is to get as many quotes as you can. It’s impossible to know if you’re getting a good price on a policy unless you have something else to compare it to. There are many insurance comparison sites out there which make getting multiple quotes very quick and easy.


Getting Quotes Quickly & Easily


Getting quotes online for empty house insurance is a very quick and simple process now. All you have to do to get multiple quotes is use an insurance comparison service for property insurance. There are many of these types of service that you can find online by doing a search for something like ’empty house insurance comparison’. Getting multiple quotes is an excellent way to save money so it’s something you should definitely do.

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