Make contact with a reliable recruitment agency

Contacting a recruitment agency if you’re looking for teaching vacancies in Kent is a great idea, staff will ensure you receive a list of posts that are suitable for your specific requirements. Registering online is quite straightforward too, just leave your:-

  • Name
  • Telephone number
  • E-mail address
  • Details of your enquiry
  • Preferred contact method and contact time

Alternatively you can telephone the Classic Education agency with your request or send a fax after which you will be contacted to arrange an interview.

Recruitment agencies especially for schools

Schools can also contact recruitment agencies to find qualified staff if they have a shortage of teachers. Classic Education offers an excellent service to schools and teachers making sure staff are well suited to whichever school they are allocated to. Head teachers just need to enter details on an online form of any job vacancies they have or are coming up after which contact will be made with suitable applicants. Should details need to be amended just log in and make the necessary alterations. There’s a useful school directory on the Classic Education website where you can register with the school of your choice and as soon as a suitable vacancy arises you will be contacted.

Interesting articles to read

Take time out to read the many interesting articles located on the Classic Education website regarding teaching vacancies in Kent, they are extremely informative and can help if you are looking for a supply teacher’s position whether in a primary or secondary school. Articles also describe teaching jobs in Kent in detail and how to fill a vacancy if you are running a school. There’s also plenty of information about the education recruitment agency itself which makes very interesting reading indeed, so take a look soon.

Privacy guaranteed

You can be guaranteed of complete privacy when submitting your personal details to Classic Education recruitment agency, the only details they require are your name, job title and contact information. They may send out e-mails regarding special offers, new products or other items of interest but won’t give your details to a third party which is reassuring for many clients. There are usually many teaching vacancies in Kent so you can be assured you won’t be without a job for too long, make contact soon to enjoy a teaching career that brings complete job satisfaction.


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